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Lehman Brothers: Connie and Manu start slim in new episode




Relocation pressure and concentration

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"Ryman Brothers" is back! The slim bodies of Konny and Manu experience a new daily adventure. Janina moved with her children, and Konny wanted to build a swimming pool. You can read the rest of the new episode here.

"Ryman Brothers" is back! At RTL Zwei, it starts on March 23. 8:15 pm, new life for lovely immigrant families. Konny and Manu lost about 15 kg each after a thorough diet and felt very comfortable! The two have grown chickens and are busy growing their own pineapple, banana, passion fruit, coconut and herbs. Therefore, the next step in achieving self-sufficiency is completed.

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Meanwhile, as Coleman found a new job, Janina, Coleman and Charlie are moving from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon. Grandma Manu helped move and was happy because maybe she could see her grandson often.

Connie also hopes to redeem his bet and chip for his "angel". But finding excavators quickly is not easy! The spa terrace also needs to be completed. If you missed this episode, you can watch it for free on TV Now within 30 days of playing.

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