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Liberty City thanks to mods for GTA 5 in top graphics




Equip old games with a lot of graphic and ray tracing mods and enjoy how they look in ultra-modern 4K optics – that's a nice hobby.

Unfortunately, not every normal PC player can mod so well, but fortunately there is the YouTube channel Digital Dreams, which publishes exactly such mod videos. And your latest project now shows us how well the world of GTA 4 with »photo-realistic« graphics would look like.

In the new video (which you can watch for yourself above these lines) we drive a few rounds through Liberty City, the game world of Grand Theft Auto 4, which was modeled on the real New York City.

If you are going to Compare some pictures from the original GTA 4 from 2008, you will immediately see what a technical leap the modded version has made.

GTA 4 – view screenshots

How can GTA 4 run with ray tracing?

To be precise, the colleagues at Digital Dreams did a little trick. Because we actually get one in the video Modified version of GTA 5 to see and accordingly not the real Grand Theft Auto 4.

Above all, this explains the impressive light, shadow and reflection effects – because GTA 5 has already proven what graphics power mods can scratch out of it.

What mods are in the video? In order to make Liberty City shine in new (and much brighter light) than in the original twelve years ago, the digital dreams version uses a whole range of modifications:

  • Ultra-Realistic Mod for GTA 5
  • RayTraced Glubal Illumination Shader for Reshade
  • Liberty City Mod (To import the GTA 4 game world into GTA 5)
  • Auto mods for Mclaren Senna, Mclaren P1, Ford GT and Ford Mustang

And even that wasn't all about mods that were combined in the video. If you want to experience GTA 4 yourself with this graphic, then you will find all download links for the mods and a description of how to install them in the video description on Youtube.

However, you also need a rather powerful PC. The Youtubers from Digital Dreams have given their spes below the video, which are quite neat:

If you have such (or faster) hardware, then have a lot of fun with it. But even for less expensive PCs there are enough modifications to make the Rockstar Open World a little more beautiful or fun – you can find all the information in our article on the best mods for GTA 5.


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