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Luffy has a special emoji for Twitter




Twitter Over time it has been improving more and more, perhaps not at the same level as other social networks of the moment, but, it has remained over the years as one of the most important social networks, and one of its improvements that has liked Much to its users have been the additions of many emojis regarding some specific themes, and this is where fans of franchises like One piece They thank the social network for these improvements.

As we well know, One piece It is one of the most successful manga of all time, including its own anime, which today is one of the longest anime in the world. Followers and lovers of One piece now they can enjoy Twitter

using an emoji from Luffy just by writing in your tweets # ル フ ィThat is why many followers have started to use it in a massive way in each of their tweets.

Luffy already has a limited time emoji on Twitter

The emoji of Luffy on Twitter, it's practically a portrait of the character, where we can see his smiling face and his famous hat. At the moment other emojis are unknown regarding One Piece, This is why the followers of the successful manga, hope that emojis of characters such as Nami

and Zoro.

On Twitter, anime users and followers are using this emoji too much just by writing the hashtag in all their tweets. # ル フ ィ taking advantage of it to position and stay within the theme.

However, let's remember that this type of emojis, they are not forever, are created by Limited time, and although currently the emoji is not being used as an influence within the platform but as a pleasure for the followers, it is better to take advantage of it as long as it is available to enjoy Luffy in our tweets.

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