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Luffy shares his official message against the coronavirus




Luffy flies in One Piece

As a population, there are already many messages that we have received about the coronavirus To avoid the contagion, some especially nice ones like this meme with Dragon Ball characters, or something more fatalistic like this hermetic Death Stranding cosplay protects babies. Today we have been able to see a One Piece sport in which Luffy and company urged us to wash our hands to avoid contagion by COVID-19 and, if you are reluctant to accept the advice of the Ministry of Health, at least listen to your dear one piece characters.

Below you can see the video in question (it is in Japanese), shared by @Amanomoon_ on Twitter, who specifies that we are being asked that good soapy hand wash

to try, as far as possible, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus in our closest environment. This is an official One Piece message, it is not something created by a fan, which should convince us to the severity of the situation we are going through
and react in time so that this confinement that we are experiencing is finished as soon as possible.

How about this official One Piece message against the coronavirus, do you think it can raise awareness for more people or do you think that nothing will really change?

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