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Magic Arena Trailer: Zendikar’s Rebirth Set Gets Cinematic



Magic Arena Trailer: Zendikar’s Rebirth Set Gets Cinematic

Trailer Magic Arena: Zendikar's Renaissance set has a cutscene

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled its roadmap for Magic The Gathering until the end of 2021. In the immediate future, it is the set “Renaissance of Zendikar” which is about to land: it will be available from September 17 in the free-to-play Magic Arena, then September 25 in physical version.

As presented by Wizards of the Coast, Zendikar Rebirth “will allow” to “recapture the spirit of exploration and adventure that made this shot one of the favorites of the players.” The game mechanics “kick” and ” landfall “will be back, while” party “mechanics and” double-sided modal maps “will be introduced. Everything is detailed in this article


The sets coming in 2021 have also been announced. Here is the program :

  • Kaldheim – The Viking World of Magic – Winter 2021
  • Strixhaven – The most elistist university in the multiverse – Spring 2021
  • Time Spiral Remastered – First half of 2021 (physical version only)
  • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms – Dungeons & Dragons Coming to Magic – Summer 2021
  • Innistrad (two unnamed sets) – Werewolves and vampires are back – Fall 2021
  • Modern Horizons 2 – A sequel to the popular Modern Horizons set – Second half of 2021 (physical version only)

Finally, note that Wizards of the Coast has confirmed the “next” launch of Magic Arena on mobile. The game is available for free on PC and Mac.

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