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Make money with your phone: these 12 apps make it possible




Up to 100 euros on the sofa

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Do you have nothing to do now? Perfect, then make a few euros quickly and easily with your phone. There are many applications that reward you for quick and easy tasks. We show you twelve applications that you can use to make money.

Make money with your phone? effective! We show you twelve apps that can increase your revenue.

Make money with your phone? effective! We show you twelve apps that can increase your revenue. [Source: Syda_Productions /]

Make money with your smartphone-sounds too good to be incredible at first. But it does work. Now in the app store you can earn a few euros on the go or at home using various apps. For example, these are market research companies that require you to take a survey. It's also possible that you took a picture of a location and found out when a restaurant or other facility is open.

The number of possible jobs is huge, and there is definitely a job for you. Payments for different applications are usually paid via PayPal, and sometimes by bank transfer. Payment can usually only be made after a certain amount, and the processing time may take up to 30 days. However, you can increase your income without much effort. Below we show you twelve applications that can be used to make money.

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However, you should not have any utopian expectations. The income from the app is not enough to resign but to make a living. In addition, you should actually assess the relationship between expenditure and income, as you usually only receive a few euros. However, this type of application is a good thing if you have nothing to do, for example, to fund your next movie theater or restaurant visit. Before using the application, you should read the application's terms of use in order to know exactly what happens to your personal data.

You should also be patient. Users report time and time again in app reviews that sometimes payments are delayed. Also keep in mind that your micro-work income may have to be taxed. Your subsidy for other income, including micro-work, is 256 Euros per year-you still have to report this income to the tax office. If your income from micro-work exceeds your tax deduction, you must tax them starting with the first euro.

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