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Mario Kart Tour adds team racing in a new update




As revealed a few days ago, the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer was incorporated on May 9 with the Standard Races and the Golden Races, but to complement this novelty, Nintendo has decided to add new features to the video game in the new update 2.1.0 on Android and iOS. These will improve the player experience so that it can be simpler and more fun when starting races.

Is about two new modalities, first we have Team Races, a way where you can compete with other players in 4 teams of 2 runners, and consists of obtaining the highest possible score. On the other hand, there is the Room Codes

, which allows a player to open or join a room of up to 8 players per game using a code. Next, we leave the tweet that developers have shared with this new news.

These new features will definitely improve the multiplayer on Mario Kart Tour, since with team races you can invite friends and it makes the game much more dynamic, in addition, with the code rooms you also have control of who you want to play with, which makes many in this Pandemic confinement unite throughout the game to compete in matches.


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