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Markus Lanz: All the broadcast dates of the ZDF talk show at a glance




The show was received on TV and streaming

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The ZDF talk show "Markus Lanz" discusses current political, social and cultural topics. Here you can find all broadcast dates for TV broadcasts and information about streams.

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  3. Missed a shipment?
  4. Information on performance concepts

Since 2008, the talk show "Markus Lanz" has been shown on ZDF. The program is usually 75 minutes and is shown late every Tuesday to Thursday. Programs are recorded most of the time and sometimes live. Currently, the corona crisis is an important topic of the show. Host Markus Lanz invites experts and discusses the pandemic with them.

ZDF and 3sat, as well as streams in the ZDF media library, show duplicates. All broadcast dates for this show can be found in the overview below.

Markus Lanz Broadcast

In the table below, you will find Markus Lanz's play dates.
The specified broadcast date is the first broadcast and repeat broadcast on a different channel.

Despite all our efforts, we may have missed a date or made a mistake. If you find any problems, please give us a hint in the comments.

This is how you see Markus Lanz in a live stream

The easiest way is to receive via an online TV service. This not only gives you "Markus Lanz", but also gives you a complete real-time stream from ZDF to all programs-legal.

providerSubscription method
Tattoo "class =" lazyTo provider Markus Lanz on Zattoo Free |
Price: Free
Quality: SD
High quality |
Price: from 9.99 euros
Picture quality: HD
Final version
Price: from 13.99 euros
Picture quality: HD "class =" lazyTo provider Markus Lanz on Free |
Price: from 0.00 Euro per month
Quality: SD
Comfort |
Price: from € 4.99 per month
Quality: SD
HD options |
Price: from 5 Euros
Picture quality: HD
Price: € 9.99 per month
Picture quality: HD
Türk-Paketi |
Price: from € 12.99 per m onth
Quality: SD
Vodafone GigaTV application "class =" lazy "To provider Markus Lanz on the Vodafone GigaTV app TV experience
Price: from € 9.99 per month
Picture quality: HD
MagentaTV "class =" lazyTo provider Markenta Lanz on MagentaTV Free Channel |
Price: from 39.95 Euros per month
Picture quality: HD "class =" lazyTo provider Markus Lanz on Free |
Price: from 0.00 Euro per month
Quality: SD
Every TV upgrade |
Price: € 5.99 per month
Quality: SD
Jon "class =" lazyTo provider Markus Lanz on Joyn Free edition
Price: from 0.00 Euro per month
Picture quality: HD
Plus sign + |
Price: from € 6.99 per month
Picture quality: HD
O2 TV "class =" lazyTo provider Markus Lanz on O2 TV O2 TV S |
Price: € 4.99
Quality: SD
O2 TV M |
Price: 8.99 Euros
Picture quality: HD
O2 TV L |
Price: € 9.99
Picture quality: HD

Alternatively, you can access the transmitter through your IPTV provider. For example, ZDF is provided through MagentaTV and Horizon Go. Note, however, that both proposals are subject to regional restrictions.

You can find more information about ZDF receiving options on our page. There you will also find how to receive a transmitter via DVB-S2 or DVB-T2.

Missed a shipment?

If you missed Markus Lanz, you can access the program from the ZDF media library. Keep in mind that this is not always the case, some programs can be used for 7 days, while others are not released at all. On the other hand, it's even offered for a year, or you can already see a preview in it. Click the red button to go directly to the media library.

To ZDF media library

If you often miss Markus Lanz broadcasts, you can also consider recording with an online TV recorder. For example, you can use two services, and Save.TV, to record ZDF.

Markus Lanz: Information on performance concepts

Unlike other political talk shows, Lands has few speeches duel. We speak only when he is addressing guests or asking for a conversation as a host. A program does not have a common theme that all guests talk about, but several separate topics. The number of guests also varies. Markus Lanz has special shows from time to time, and they go to another country to talk to people about current issues.

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