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Marvel’s Avengers: Test, Part 2: This is how the endgame plays



Marvel’s Avengers: Test, Part 2: This is how the endgame plays

After the end of the story, I was sobered. The good approaches with Heroes and Loot could not compensate for the low-tension narrative and the repetitive course of the game. Would the subsequent endgame really ignite? At least I had hope, because The Division and Destiny also provided fresh, playful impulses after the campaign.

But I have to quickly find out that Marvel's Avengers is taking a different path. In all honesty, I can't tell exactly where the campaign ends and the endgame begins – and that's not a good sign. A short cutscene introduces the rest of the story. But beyond that I don't notice any changes.

>> Marvel's Avengers: to test the campaign

As always, I can choose different missions that are set in the known areas. Some tasks are done after a few short battles, others occupy us with objects to be destroyed and larger robots a little longer. So quickly determine your own hero, bring AI or real teammates into the team and go into battle. The individual challenges are based on our current level and increase in difficulty accordingly. In return, we get more experience points and better equipment. If we want to get even more out of it, we can increase the level of difficulty as we wish.

Regardless of this, the knocking continues unchanged. We are expecting the well-known boring AIM opponents, of whom we have probably already killed over twelve thousand in the campaign. At least the game runs a bit smoother in version 1.06, so that we have a little better control over the action. Some missions are also integrated into a kind of mini-story: In this context, we actually experience a boss fight against the Taskmaster, who gets something on the hood for the second time. That is at least a minimal change.

This is how the campaign plays – video review of the Marvel's Avengers campaign

We gambled through the story campaign of Marvel's Avengers and tell you in our test why it is unfortunately not really convincing.

Superstarke Stagnation

But that only briefly distracts from the general monotony. The level may look different and the mission may be called different, but in the end it all turns out the same. It actually makes no difference whether we are out with random players or whether we take the AI ​​colleagues who have been adapted to our level with us. Because a team game with joint actions or agreements does not take place on the one hand, but is also not necessary on the other. Usually our group runs from one fight to the next and cuts everything short and sweet. In between, maybe two or three boxes of new equipment are opened. In terms of aspiration, the endgame remains on the same dull level as the campaign.

When it comes to equipment, Marvel's Avengers is not gaining momentum either. We get useful extras with which we strengthen the character and give him ice or poison damage, a faster charge of the hero skills and other buffs. However, we take note of this rather unemotionally. On the one hand, there is a lack of the feeling of having found something special or having earned something through good performance. On the other hand, the effects mentioned are helpful, but by no means really necessary. Simply hitting it and using the hero's skills are enough to get through any mission.

At the moment, the only long-term task is to reach the maximum level of 150 with the heroes and to unlock all skills. At the same time, we could go hunting for costumes and emotes, but that doesn't motivate us because these items have no playful use. We'd also have to do more boring missions for that …

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