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Marvel’s Spider-Man would be among June’s PlayStation Plus games




Sony has been very active lately and the company finally confirmed that he has plans to present a long list of games very soon for what will be the PS5 It would arrive during 2021, however, they have not yet established a date to make these announcements officially.

According to some rumors, the event where Sony It could show off this new list of games that it plans to announce, it would happen in the first days or weeks of June, so it would be very strategic and smart if the company starts offering the Marvel’s Spider-Man in the PS Plus.

Marvel’s Spider-Man you could get it for free

Marvel’s Spider-Man could hit the Playstation Plus in June

According to the friends of GamingRoute, have detected that when entering the store of United Kingdom

of PlayStation there is an advertisement or window where the Marvel’s Spider-Man in its standard version or in its edition of “Game of the Year” where you can get all the DLC, But that is not all.

Friends of GamingRoute They have also noticed that when trying to buy the game in its standard version, the option to PS Plus to get the free game through a PS Plus subscription.

marvels spider-man
Marvel’s Spider-Man could be offered for free on the Playstation Plus in June

At the moment, everything points to Sony will be offering the game so free for a few days close to your next event we don't know yet when it will take place. In addition to obtaining this game, it would be, as we discussed earlier, through a subscription of PS PlusIt all depends on the users if they want to end up subscribing to the service.

Notably Sony will give a 30% discount on subscriptions PS Plus for reasons of Days of Play which will be taking place in June. For now, we can only wait to see if Sony finally ends up giving away the Marvel’s Spider-Man next month.


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