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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is mentioned again in a chain of stores



Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is mentioned again in a chain of stores

The remastering of Mass Effect Trilogy, not yet officially announced, has reappeared in an online store. If a few days ago it was displayed in a Portuguese store, now it is a Czech chain that lists it in physical versions for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The cover is the same as the trilogue released for the last generation but with the logos of the current consoles, although this could be a provisional assembly. The stated release date is October 15

, which is expected to be the same for Spain.

His description reveals nothing new to fans of this BioWare action RPG saga: we follow the fate of Commander Shepard from its inception until he achieves the reputation of a legendary soldier in his fight. against an ancient alien enemy, the Reapers

. “The explosive action of the game is combined with an interactive story, where you influence how it unfolds,” says the text, which talks about our decisions to save the galaxy, chosen weapons and abilities, and relationships with teammates.

This Czech chain previously leaked the version of Assassin's Creed 3 para Nintendo Switch, so this is not the first time that games have been revealed before their presentation. In addition, the date seems to coincide with the latest rumors, which speak of a presentation in early October and a release in that same month, perhaps late. Plans could change depending on the evolution of COVID-19.

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