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Michael Pachter and Peter Moore said that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to announce the price of the PS5 in order to make it comparable to the Xbox Series X.




The price war between PS5 and Xbox Series X goes beyond component prices.

Microsoft will show great aggressiveness at the beginning of the next generation of consoles, which may cause it to beat Sony's consoles. PS5 Price, even if it means losing money at the beginning.

At least, this is based on Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter and former EA and Microsoft executive Peter Moore. Both industry veterans are guests of a small podcast hosted by Geoff Keighley on Friday.

Pachter advised Microsoft to wait for Sony to take action before Sony announced the cheaper Xbox Series X. The analyst said that the console may be $ 100 cheaper than the PS5.

Pachter said: "As far as I know, Sony will have to charge $ 500 for the PS5, but Microsoft's balance sheet is very large." Exceeded consumer expectations.

The same is true for the Xbox Series X, but depending on the Pachter, Microsoft can achieve greater success on each console.

"If they want to reduce the price by $ 100-just below the (PS5) price, and subsidize the first 10 million (units), they will. So, I think they are waiting for Sony to blink first before revealing the price." He Added. "It's probably $ 400."

Peter Moore agreed, noting that more than simple parts prices should be considered. Moore believes that holders of both platforms are currently subsidizing PS5 / Xbox Series X to calculate how much they can withstand the blow.

"Michael's rights; what the two companies are experiencing now is (ask)" How much can we afford to lose in the first 12 to 18 months? "What is our connection rate between software and hardware?" "What are we going to do this year?" One, two and three reached ten million (units)? & # 39; "Moore said.

He added: "Microsoft is now-stock prices, market value-everything is flying to them." "Will Satya (Nadella, Microsoft CEO) say, 'This is our opportunity now, just like we do on Xbox What does 360 do, let's go in and let it be priced correctly? "?

Of course, neither company implied the price of their next-generation console. At least in the case of Microsoft, there are reports that it will start through two consoles, which makes it unnecessary to price the Xbox Series X and be competitive.

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