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Microsoft CEO says they will consider new acquisitions after Bethesda



The acquisition of ZeniMax Media and the legacy of legendary companies in the sector such as Bethesda or id Software is already one of the most important business movements in recent years. Microsoft it has closed a key purchase for the new generation to come.

About it he has spoken Satya Nadella

, CEO of Microsoft, ensuring that it is not the last step they are going to take with the intention of continuing to invest in Xbox Game Pass. He says they will consider more video game companies in the future.

“You can't get up one day and say” I'm going to build a video game studio. “The idea of ​​having content is to be able to reach larger communities.

We will always look for places where there is that communion of purpose, mission and culture. We will continue to seek to grow inorganically where it makes sense to do so. “

After the purchase of Bethesda by Xbox, these are the studios that Microsoft and Sony have, as well as their exclusives

The interview has also given space to Phil Spencer, who for his part ensures that this type of content is the ingredient they need to keep growing. In fact, it points out that the purchase of Bethesda it has allowed them to double the size of their creative team.

For now it is unknown if Microsoft is in discussions with other studios for a possible acquisition or merger, but seeing how they have squared the announcement with the Xbox Series pre-orders It seems that they have everything well tied and planned.

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