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Microsoft may be in negotiations to buy Techland and a Japanese study




Dying Light 2

Xbox Game Studios has grown big in recent years with additions like Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Playground Games, inXile Entertainment or Compulsion Games to form a cast with 13 studios spread around the world. But it seems that those are not all and that Xbox with Phil Spencer at the helm has their eye on a couple of other studies. The first in Poland and the second in Japan.

According to a leak in Reddit that we should take with tweezers and that yields a multitude of information about the future of Xbox Game Studios, it is said that the Polish studio that Microsoft wants to add to its ranks is Techland, the creators of Dead Island and Dying Light.

This rumor marries other old leaks, which put the study in the spotlight of Microsoft, mainly for its know-how in open-world games and first-person experiences, as well as the most complete single-player campaigns with a game option. Cooperative, a duality that is the star in sagas like Halo or Gears of War on Xbox.

This leak points to Techland will be a new Xbox Game Studios studio. Despite taking this statement with tweezers, it must be recognized that Techland is not going through its best moment, since after the success with Dying Light, the company seems to be in a development hell to launch Dying Light 2, a game that has suffered multitudes of delays, the last (before the pandemic) has been indefinite. Perhaps a financial and strength push by Microsoft will end up being what the project lacks.

In any case, these rumors promise news for the Microsoft First Party cast, one that seems much more interesting to the Xbox Series than it ever was for this generation. Possibly the rumored event in May sheds some light on it.


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