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Minecraft: Dungeons: Now the release date is finally set!




Over time, Minecraft developed from a small, indie tip to an absolute mass phenomenon – and with Minecraft: Dungeons, the success story will soon be continued.

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The new spin-off Minecraft: Dungeons had been scheduled for spring 2020 before the release period was further specified. Accordingly, the title should have been available at the end of April, but unfortunately nothing will come of it now. Nevertheless, the specific release date has now been set.

From May 26, 2020, the title will be available for Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Switch and PS4. The postponement had become necessary due to the current global situation – that is, the corona virus. This way, Mojang can ensure that the title is completed to their satisfaction without endangering the development team's health.

The game will also be part of the Xbox Game Pass immediately upon release. The title can also be purchased in two different editions. The Standard Edition costs 19.99 euros, a Hero Edition is available for 29.99 euros. The latter also includes a so-called Hero Pass, which gives you a Hero Cape, two character skins and a cute chicken pet, as well as the two upcoming DLCs.

Minecraft: Dungeons – X019 Release Date Trailer

Microsoft has now scheduled the action RPG spin-off Minecraft: Dungeons for April 2020.


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