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Minecraft with RTX: NVIDIA releases five new worlds




This is NVIDIA's second release of new "Minecraft with RTX" gaming experiences. The five new worlds are now available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

NVIDIA worked with well-known creators from the Minecraft community to create new worlds for the "Minecraft with RTX" beta on Windows 10 that players can enjoy for free.

To the new worlds for "Minecraft with RTX "include:

  • Hilltop Lifestyle RTX by PearlescentMoon: Hilltop Lifestyle RTX comes from the inventor of the first versions of Color, Light and Shadow RTX. This "Minecraft with RTX" world is a survival spawn, a new exterior map with many of its concepts, improvements and functions that PearlescentMoon has presented in its earlier ray tracing and physically based textures showcases. In this new world, players explore the beautiful and atmospheric island of Hilltop Lifestyle and learn to live in the Italian-inspired village.

  • Egg Hunt from Feed The Beast: Egg Hunt is a new, stand-alone mini-game with a mysterious cave full of puzzles, traps, secrets and fun challenges that takes place deep underground. The goal is to find hidden eggs to complete the two game modes of the world as quickly as possible.

  • Medieval RTX by Aurelien_Sama: Medieval RTX is a "survival spawn" world with an idyllic medieval village, which is located under an ancient ruin. Rays of light from the setting sun shine atmospherically through the city. But when night falls and the shadows grow longer and darker, there is danger.

  • The Dark Village RTX by Wyld: The Dark Village RTX is a survival spawn that leads to an abandoned village in the forest, where there are long-forgotten images of missing villagers. Below this village is the realm of hidden horrors. Players pursue the quest within this world, solve interactive puzzles, discover secrets and experience a multitude of shadows created with ray tracing that make them doubt their minds.

  • The Observer RTX by IamSp00n: Classified as an adventure, The Observer RTX is a world that begins deep underground. The player explores the newly discovered environment and reveals the secrets of the buried vault in which he is stuck. On his way through the vault, he discovers the traditions of this world and has to reveal the fate of the inhabitants of The Observer.

Minecraft with RTX – Five New Worlds Reveal Trailer

This is NVIDIA's second release of new "Minecraft with RTX" gaming experiences. The five new worlds are now available on the Minecraft Marketplace.


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