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Mount and Blade: Warband for free at GameStar Plus




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It soon becomes clear that Mount & Blade: Warband is different from other role-playing games after creating your own character. Because while in other titles you are sent directly from A to B to get the story going, in this game you are responsible for your story. There is no predetermined story. Are you a conqueror who fights for the throne and loots across the country? Or do you submit to one of the existing rulers and help him win the angry war in the background?

Mass is class

But let's be honest. As innovative and different as the single player was, the reason for the cult status of the game is clearly the multiplayer battles. For the first time, players of the Mount & Blade series in Warband can put each other on the hat. In huge battles with up to 64 players you fight with sword, spear and bow against the enemy knights. The combat system takes some time to get used to: In addition to timing, the direction of the attacks is also important. But once you have checked in, you go out of every successful duel with a swollen chest because you know: I deserve to win.

The timing of attacks on horseback is even more important - and all the more deadly.

On horseback, the timing of the attacks is even more important – and all the more deadly.

The fight is the goal

With the different modes, the mass battles offer a lot of variety. Whether in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag, there's a hat for everyone. One of the most popular modes is "Battle". Here two armies compete against each other, whoever completely eliminates the opponent wins. Similar to e.g. B. In Counter Strike there is no respawning in this mode. In the test there was only a rating of 68 at the time, but the game is and remains cult.

Mount & Blade: Free Warband and discount on Mount & Blade 2

In addition to the free game, Plus members get Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord total 25 percent cheaper! Instead of currently 42.49 euros (15% discount), Plus members at Gamesplanet will only pay 37.49 euros for Mount & Blade 2 (25% discount) until April 13th.

Because there is one Special discount on Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord for all players who already own one of the predecessors! Gamesplanet also grants customers who have purchased a Mount & Blade on Gamesplanet this advantage, in addition to the current discount that they already get on Gamesplanet. For Plus members this means: Pick up M&B: Warband on Gamesplanet in April. As soon as the game is there in your library, a discount on M&B 2: Bannerlord will be activated, which is automatically applied in the shopping cart.

Get Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord now at a special price

Mount & Blade 2: Banner lord in the preview


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From now on, all Plus members can get their key up to 11:59 p.m. at the April 30 pick up and pick it up until May 3rd for Mount & Blade: warband redeem at Gamesplanet.

We would like to ask you not to post any keys in the comments here. Because these can then be picked up by any unknown visitor and end up on shady reseller sites & Co. If you want to assign a key, please use a comment to point it out and do it via the PN function.

Thanks for your support.

Activate full version, here's how:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page
  2. Click the "Get Free Game Now" button
  3. Copy coupon code
  4. Mount & Blade: Add Warband to Gamesplanet in the shopping cart
  5. Redeem voucher code in shopping cart
  6. Game price will be reduced to 0 €
  7. complete Order
  8. Activate and play directly on Steam!

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