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MW with new operator & a touch of CS: GO




CoD: Modern Warfare gets a little CS: GO flair thanks to the playlist update. CoD: Modern Warfare gets a little CS: GO flair thanks to the playlist update.

The end is near! Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is likely to be released run until June 2, 2020, we have already crossed the middle. To ensure that there is no dry spell on the way to Season 4, Infinity Ward is now once again delivering a major update with new content.

According to Activision's official blog announcement, especially knife purists will get their money's worth. Call of Duty also looks over at Counter-Strike's colleagues. Or at least in your own series past.

Demolition is back

Already in Modern Warfare 2, 3 and Black Ops belonged »Demolition«To the community favorites. In it, you must either destroy two bomb sites or defend them for a period of time. Greetings from Counter-Strike.

There is also a great similarity to "Search and Destroy", but there are player respawns in Demolition. In addition, defusing the bombs does not mean the end of the round immediately, the defenders must persevere until the match time expires. As soon as a bomb is placed, the timer stops.

A match usually runs over two rounds, in which your team slips into each role once. If it is 1-1 afterwards, you play the tie-breaker »Overtime«, in which there is only one neutral bomb site gives. Each player spawns with a bomb and the first group that successfully places and detonates them wins.

On the Activision blog you will find detailed instructions and many strategy tips for demolition. In addition to the tactical mode, however even more cool innovations in the update.

New operator Iskra & Messer-Action

The last new operator of season 3 is the fighter Iskra. It belongs to Farah's army, so it comes indirectly from Modern Warfare's single player campaign. Iskra complements both the regular multiplayer and the Battle Royale. You can buy them in the store along with two legendary weapon blueprints, they are part of the »Iskra Operator Bundle«.

If the bundle is going to be as expensive as previous operators, let's talk of about 20 euros cost pointif you no longer have CoD Points in your inventory.

The new operator Iskra could already be seen on the season 3 teasers. The new operator Iskra could already be seen on the season 3 teasers.

In addition, the helicopters are now back in Warzone after having to be deactivated due to a crazy glitch.

Attention knife friends: In »3v3 Gunfight Knives Only« you hand in your guns at the door and only attack your opponents with sharp metal. You do kills either in close combat, by finisher move or by throwing knives. In six rounds you will fight for victory.

There is even more nostalgia on the plan: As a developer recently announced, the hardhat map from MW3 will probably come this week for Modern Warfare.


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