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Mysterious sounds in CoD Warzone: what does the wolf howl mean?




Howling wolves in CoD: Warzone pose another puzzle for the players. Howling wolves in CoD: Warzone pose another puzzle for the players.

The Call of Duty: Warzone players are still puzzling over what is behind the mysterious bunkers of the Battle Royales and when they can be entered. A hint of this could now be howling wolves, which more and more players report having heard in the past few days.

Mysterious howling wolf in Verdansk

Since the release of CoD: Warzone, players have been able to see howling wolves – so on March 20, a first video of the phenomenon was shared on YouTube:

But what started as an extremely rare occurrence has been happening lately: More and more players are reporting that they want to hear the wolf sounds as well and share this in other videos:

Wh at does the howling of the wolves mean?

Encrypted laptops, ringing telephones and mysterious access cards – CoD: Warzone poses many puzzles for players that have not yet been solved. However, the community is convinced that developer Infinity Ward is working on something big. We'll show you three ways what the howling wolves could be.

Wolves as bunker guards

Warzone players have long wondered what is in the (so far closed) bunkers that are hidden everywhere on the map of Verdansk. The simplest explanation would be that you can get high-quality loot there, similar to the loot vaults from Apex Legends.

For many players, the wolf howl sounds as if it came from inside a building. So maybe the predators could Guards serve that players have to overcome before they can steal the valuable loot from the bunkers.

Zombie / wolf invasion

If you ask five CoD fans what could be behind a new mystery or Easter Egg, at least one will always say: Zombies!

This is not entirely wrong: for years, the CoD titles have had a zombie mode, which was canceled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Some players believe that the howling could come from the undead and hope to be able to greet them in the current CoD branch.

Screaming noises at the Dam, anyone else heard this? from r / COD war zone

So is there a threat of a zombie invasion soon? Probably not. However, the mysterious whine has so far been mainly perceived at the corners of the map, more precisely at the dam, at the quarry and at the prison.

Perhaps players who persevere on the edge of the map in order to survive as long as possible could soon be led by attacking wolves to take an active part in the battle.

"The Wolf" returns

One name that players of the free version of CoD: Warzone should say little about is Omar Sulaman. The leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qatala is one of the two main antagonists in CoD's story campaign: Modern Warfare and is nicknamed "The Wolf".

Infinity Ward may want to hint at a return of the villain with the howling wolf, possibly as a playable operator in Season 4. Although we shot the nasty man in the single-player story with a headshot, protagonist Alex also – despite his supposed death – returned Season 3 already back as a playable operator:

Do you have any idea what might be behind the howling wolves? Let us know in the comments!


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