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NaturalVision Evolved: the famous GTAV mod takes a giant leap and is now paid




NaturalVision is one of the mods Most popular for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and now we get a sample of his next jump: NaturalVision Evolved, a mod payment that is already in early access and that it is proposed to go deeper if possible in a realistic visual section for the famous Rockstar game.

NaturalVision began its journey in 2017 and was adding more and more improvements, such as volumetric clouds, aimed at achieving a section as realistic as possible in the title for PC. Now the team of modders Razed prepares a new jump, but this time they will bet on a payment model.

NaturalVision Evolved is described as "a work in progress to offer a mod

that reinvents the visual aspect "of the game and that is" still in the early access phase ". According to its managers, this version includes"numerous changes in climatology, lighting system, ambient color, mapping of tones, textures, building models and many more improvements to blur the line between fantasy and reality. "

Thus, those interested in this mod must pay for it through Patreon

, with the highest quota options (gold and platinum). The previous version of mod remains downloadable at no cost.

Get free GTAV for PC in the Epic Games Store

The Rockstar title is offered as a new free game through the Epic Games Store: it is part of its weekly promotion, making it a very limited time offer.

The sandbox Rockstar is now available for download in both the Epic Laucher and its official Web. The promotion end on May 21.


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