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Nemesis is added to the list of playable characters in Resident Evil: Resistance




The latest update for Resident Evil: Resistance, added Nemesis and Russian Special Forces member Nicholai Ginovaef as playable character in Mastermind mode. Without a doubt, it is a success to play with one of the most iconic monsters in the Resident Evil video game saga.

Resident Evil: Resistance it came as a multiplayer spin-off within the Resident Evil 3 remake, which is based on facing 4 survivors against a MasterMind, who has the ability to set traps and monsters (among others) to hunt them down to hunt them down. In this case, the mode allows choosing Nicholai, and with it we can use firearms, trackers and as the main action, control Nemesis to hunt down all survivors


In a recent interview done for PlayStation, the Resident Evil 3 and Resistance team wanted to talk about the Nemesis redesign so that new players would know the Monster's idiosyncrasy well. For this alone they kept saying "STARS" over and over

. The point is that Nemesis now has a new design and a new quality to infect zombies with parasites, apart from his rocket launcher is so powerful that it could smash all four survivors.

The new update is already available on all systems and is completely free. There is no excuse for not screaming STAAAARSSSS at every minute of play.


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