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New features on the sky and on TV: Watch the miniseries with Marvel actors in the live broadcast




Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo plays twins

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In May, there were also news on the sky and TV. "I know this is true" started a mini series in which you can see the two roles of the Hulk actor and Marvel star Mark Ruffalo. Only one of them is not the Green Avengers. You can find more information from us.

This week a new mini-TV series will be waiting on Sky and US TV stations. "I know this is true" is a novel that tells the story of the twins, they must face a challenging life and still support each other. The adaptation of this book starts from HBO, but it can also be obtained through Sky Ticket.

  • Starting at May 10, 2020 On HBO
  • From May 11, 2020 Tickets available on Sky

I know this is true

Thomas suffers from schizophrenic personality disorder in "I Know This Is Real". His brother Dominick tried to help him survive a particularly serious illness. However, at the same time, he must deal with his own destiny. Mark Ruffalo [Mark Ruffalo] plays the role of two twins, which is a special challenge for the actor.

After Mark Ruffalo was previously known as a romantic comedy, his role as the Hulk in the MCU movie managed to make him more popular with the audience. He also played an important role in the movie "Spotlight", which won an Oscar in the category of "Best Film" in 2016.

New things on TV and the sky: these new series will be waiting for you in May 2020

You can find more about TV and Sky in the overview above. You can find the best Sky deals in our overview. If you want to receive HBO from Germany, we have compiled all the information here. We will also provide you with an overview of all information about Sky Ticket.

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