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New gameplay of The Last of Us Part II shown for PS4 at State of Play




Sony surprise announced the issuance of a new State of Play. While we wait to have news about PlayStation 5, which looks like they will arrive in early June, players have their eyes on one of the great releases this year. The Last of Us Part II is the continuation of the award-winning first part that came to the end of the PlayStation 3 generation.

As with the past generation, Naughty Dog will be one of the latest studios to squeeze the power of the current PlayStation. As we have already seen so far with its different trailers, The Last of Us Part II is one of the greatest graphic portents that we have seen on console and today it has demonstrated it again.

It has been shown in style gameplay of The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4. In this gameplay we have seen that Naughty Dog follows another level when it comes to recreating emotions in the characters, even in those rival NPCs that we will meet once in the game. Here you can see it with Spanish subtitles:

Ellie unleashed

The tension and extreme violence They have also been protagonists in a gameplay that has kept us glued to the screen at all times, while Ellie sought to eliminate all those who wanted to hunt him down.

For its part, the graphic section is again worth mentioning. As we have seen throughout the demo the detail in the characters, settings and effects will be spectacular and it will squeeze every last drop both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The State of Play has started by showing a spectacular trailer for the game, where several shocking scenes from the game have given way so that later it is Neil Druckmann who has taken the reins of the broadcast, mentioning the current situation and sending encouragement to the players who the game will soon be in their hands.

Neil Druckman says Naughty Dog has the best animation team in the industry
Ellie will make friends (and more)

Later we have come to see that the game will start dealing with the events of the end of the first installment, watching as Joel and Ellie move into the community of their brother, Tommy.

Druckmann, the game director, has commented that a dramatic event changes that peace and Ellie is forced onto a solo path that will take her to an area that encompasses Seattle and surrounding areas. These areas can be explored, both those surrounded by buildings and roads and the most hidden ones hidden by forests. Some areas will also require traveling on horseback or even by motor boat for those flooded.

Enemies of all kinds

In Seattle we will find all kinds of enemies, both human and infectedTherefore, we must be very careful when exploring and adapting our style of play to avoid direct conflict with them.

The appearance of new types of infectedThey will make things much more difficult for us than in the first game, so when we have to face them we better be prepared.

On the other hand, humans have abilities to track us, so we can use their new abilities to lead them into a trap, Sure. There will be all kinds of options to adapt our style of play, powered by a character like Ellie, much more agile than Joel.

the last of us clicker
All kinds of enemies will make things difficult for us in The Last of Us Part II

The character enhancement has also undergone a profound change, so that the customization of weapons and abilities has become more detailed, with options of all kinds for our weapons. We will also return to the crafting system, divided into offensive and defensive, which will allow us to use what we have been collecting to create weapons to destroy our enemy or aid to protect us from their attacks.

To conclude Neil Druckmann's message, a gameplay fragment of about 10 minutes has been presented that puts us in the shoes of Ellie, fleeing from one of the rival groups that we will meet in Seattle.

In this extensive gameplay we have been able to see what Neil mentioned during the broadcast. Depending on the moment, Ellie has taken different approaches to finish off the enemy, using stealth and its bow, pistols or melee weapons, as well as smoke grenades or Molotov cocktails.

The Last of Us Part II reveals a new video showing details of the story

The gameplay depth, which now allows us to cover larger areas, is driven by a level design in which we are forced to move at all times and make use of Ellie's agility to reach high points or sneak in through vents.

The gameplay concludes with a cinematic scene in which Ellie meets a certain character, to the one who points his gun with the intention of looking for answers.

All about The Last of Us Part II for PS4

The Last of Us Part II is coming to PlayStation 4 on June 19, somewhat later than originally planned. While it was initially announced that the game would arrive in late February, it later moved its release to May 29.

The coronavirus caused Sony to decide to delay its next releases indefinitely, although to the relief of players that release was only delayed for about 3 weeks, as it will definitely arrive on June 19. The Last of Us Part II is a sequel to the first installment, released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and considered to be one of the best games of the past generation, as well as a notable influence on many of the titles that came after.

This time, after several years, the playable protagonist will be Ellie, while it has already been confirmed that key characters like Joel or Tommy will be back. On the other hand, we will also have news, among which Dina, Ellie's partner stands out and it seems that she will be the one who begins her uncontrolled descent into pure violence and terrible revenge.

Players are eager to finally be able to play The Last of Us Part II. Meanwhile, in Alpha Beta Play we are fully immersed in the Naughty Dog game, since we already have a copy for analysis. So that we quote you for June 12 at 9:00 in the morning (Spanish peninsular time) for you to read our final impressions of what aims to be one of the great games of 2020.

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