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New Ghost of Tsushima gameplay for PS4 from State of Play




What is promised is debt. Sony announced earlier this week that a new State of play focused exclusively on Ghost of Tsushima and has not disappointed. During the event, the company has shown a new gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima that has allowed us to know better what this promising video game will be set in Japan at the end of the 13th century. And how could it be otherwise, here we are to share it with all of you right after these words.

Thanks to this new gameplay we have been able to see how some of the main mechanics of this samurai adventure will be in which we will c ontrol Jin Sakai

, the last surviving samurai of the invasion of the island that gives its name to the game by the Mongol army in 1274. Moved by honor and anger, Sakai will train in ninjustsu techniques for ninjas to expand their powers and make use of stealth and deception in order to fight the enemy undetected and thus free the Tsushima population from the enemy yoke.

Of course, although stealth will be very important in the title developed by Sucker Punch, the katana clashes will also be very present. Thus, Ghost of Tsushima will give us the possibility of executing a good number of agile and amazing movements that can knock down our enemies with a single cut. In the same way, exploration will also play an important role in the development of the adventure, so we can move both on foot and on horseback throughout the island to discover its secrets and talk to the survivors. In short, it seems that the developers of Ghost of Tushima They have taken great pains to reflect as closely as possible the samurai combat techniques and the lifestyle of these legendary Japanese warriors so that we immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the title from the first moment.

Ghost of Tsushima
Stealth will be key in this Sucker Punch adventure for PS4.

July 17 will be the day that we can unsheathe our katana since that day Ghost of Tsushima will go on sale exclusively for PS4, reaching the console with reversible cover. Until then we will continue bringing you all the information about the game first hand so that you do not miss absolutely anything of this title to which the very same Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has already dared to classify it as the best game of the year.


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