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New Horizons Animal Crossing Resources: How to Get Iron Blocks, Clay, Stone, and Wood




Major new features Animals cross new horizons Is a new production system. Production requirements project To perform- Ingredients Every recipe.

Compared to similar robots in games like Minecraft, the production process of Animal Crossing is greatly simplified, but the basic idea is the same-much less to worry about. Generally speaking, any animal crossing method requires a small number of items: sticks, stones, iron blocks, clay, and three different types of wood. Some items require other items-so you need to make an item and then combine it with other ingredients to make another item. There are also recipes that use other items, such as fruits or flowers, but by far the most common ingredients are the 7 core ingredients just mentioned. reasonable? I hope so.

Handcrafting is essential because it allows you to do everything from creating better and more durable tools to building things like ladders, so you can travel the island all the way. To help you through this process, we have listed below the best and fastest ways to get each of the core handmade ingredients.

How to get iron nuggets quickly, as well as clay, stones and gold nuggets

Although wood will be the foundation of almost everything you can do in Animal Crossing's latest adventure, there are still some other key recipe items you will need when crafted in New Horizons. they are Iron blocks, clay and stones – Everything is simple. Fortunately, they were all acquired more or less the same way.

All three of these resources can be found on your home island and randomly found large stones when purchasing and using "Nook Miles Tickets". Hit these rocks with an axe or shovel to generate iron blocks, clay or stones. The exact resources you get will be random, and you will get one to nine resources per rock per day.

Especially iron is a popular item Used in many handmade recipes. Given that there are only three to five rocks on your island, you can spawn naturally every day-but if you visit an island with a Nook Miles ticket, you are guaranteed at least three to four rocks that can be hit, can be Earn more iron blocks, clay or stones yourself.

Large rocks sometimes produce gold nuggets – These can be sold at a premium. Occasionally one stone can be removed from the river at a time, but, obviously, this is not a waste of time.

Animals cross broken rocks in new horizons

Some important butler services: If you eat a fruit and hit a rock, it will smash, leaving only one stone. This is useful for beautifying and clearing space, but it is not very useful if you want to use the rock again the next day.

The counter on the screen fills up every time you eat fruit, up to 10 points: this is the number of super-strength, fruit-driven actions you can perform (such as smashing rocks), so keep this in mind.

How to get wood, fell trees and remove stumps

Another major ingredient in almost every recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons is quality wood. From Minecraft to Stardew Valley and now Animal Crossing, it's needed in all these cunning games, and if you want to become cunning, you have to get wood. Simple as.

Anyway, there are 3 types of wood for "Animal Crossing": Wood, softwood and hardwood. You can get all three trees by chopping them-each tree can produce up to three pieces of wood a day, and the type of wood that falls each time is completely random. This is the case for all types of trees in the game, no matter what they look like or what kind of fruit they produce. But be careful, as if you cut a tree three times with a non-fragile tool, it will cut the entire tree.

You don't want to cut down too much trees, because it will deplete the amount of fruit you can get, and the fruit itself is a valuable hand-crafted ingredient and a good way to make money. If you want to cut down a tree, just aim at the tree and remove it with a shovel. It is highly recommended that you replant fruits to supplement the stump.

If you are using a sharper tool, we recommend that you only hit each tree twice. A well-stocked island should have a lot of trees to fight anyway.

How to succeed in animals crossing new horizons

The last major basic ingredient you need is a wooden stick. Every morning you can find wooden sticks at the bottom of a pile of trees, and this is the case whenever you spend a ticket to visit another island. However, you can also get the stick in another way: just like grabbing fruit, just grab a tree and shake it. If you are lucky, the stick will fall out-between one and four. Pick them up and use them to make them.

Record that chopping trees with an axe does not produce sticks, only wood.

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