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In this news, you can expect: inflatable electric bikes, ghost games, exclusive GTA 6 news, beer news professional and angry Tesla fans. It welcomes you with open arms on behalf of the entire team-Michael, who recently appeared in the tech industry like Claas Relotius.

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Do you remember the latest version of this newsletter? After all, we always wander around here. After all, there are "normal" communications, such as sand on the beach. Last week, I invented a story in which I was trapped in a Tesla Model 3 when the battery was above the grass.

In short: Tesla's Model 3 is equipped with snow chains as standard, which can be assembled and cleaned as needed, but unfortunately there is no skylight.

In short: Tesla's Model 3 is equipped with snow chains as standard, which can be assembled and cleaned as needed, but unfortunately there is no skylight. [Source: Youtube screenshot]

The text "Viralized" last weekend has always been the number one in Google News.

"It can be said that greetings from Tesla Model 3, the compartment is filled with empty batteries, so to speak, Michael-slowly warming under the glass skylight …".

True Tesla fans correctly noticed that the Tesla Model 3 has no sunroof. Fortunately, I realized this. I corrected the error and apologized in the article form of the newsletter, which always appeared after a period of time. Such a newsletter has been sent. But the train has long left, some Tesla fans have a lot of bubbles in their mouths, and feel a huge conspiracy. extract:

"Ultra-embarrassing articles are a shame for journalism. Someone should quickly look for a new phone instead of draining this kind of trash. The glass sliding sunroof is synonymous with a panoramic glass sunroof? I didn't laugh."

"This man has never been to the Tesla Model3. Otherwise, he will know that it has no skylight. That's all, there is no news report. I will also check the authenticity of Michael Knott's other articles. Other publishers quickly compare themselves with This suspicious graffiti is separated. "

"This happens if a fool ignores all reports but eventually reloads.
If you can read the fuel gauge, then you should also be able to read and explain the fuel gauge. "

My mailbox is full of insults this weekend. Talking about the oil industry again and again, it is said that it is time to lubricate me [ha! Lubricate!]. Of course, I have to endure. The thing about the skylight is obviously my fault. However, what always annoys me is that some people do not want to read anything other than the title, and here only take the weekend newsletter as an example. In general-things about reading.

In the course of writing, it is clear that I have never really sat on the Tesla Model 3, but I wear VR glasses to fall asleep, and I dreamed of it-for this reason. This is a fictional story in the newsletter, not just a sober message in the sense of classic news -Free. But this continues to insult and insult many such people, even when the author [in this case for me] joins this "discussion", they obviously have realized all of them and explained the facts, indicating that this is after the title . Yes, it goes further, anyway, this is a fictional, entertaining story … meaningless to me.

The poor man Joanne K. Rowling looked at her mailbox. I also don't want your explanation. "I have been sitting in front of the homework with my wand for a few hours. But they are not finished yet. Slowly, I think the entire Expelliarmus is fictitious. One less fan!"

What does this mean when evaluating and judging "true fake news"? I feel sick. On something more pleasant.

Let the ghost game begin

The Bundesliga will continue to play this weekend. Long live! Long live the aftertaste for many observers. First, the ball rolls without an audience. Ghost game. On the other hand, everyone must assess whether this is a good sign or a bad sign. However, hobbyists are still waiting in vain for relaxation in many places.

The Bundesliga stadium remained vacant over the weekend. But fans can watch the game on free TV.

The Bundesliga stadium remained vacant over the weekend. To this end, fans can watch the game on free TV. [Source: malino /]

But at least: Sky can show part of games 26 and 27 on free TV for free! In order to add a little atmosphere to the ghost game, Sky users have the opportunity to record suitable fan songs using special audio tracks. The provider has not disclosed how this should work. We are very excited.

Great new electric bike

Electric bicycle manufacturers are undoubtedly the winners of the current crisis. In any case, cycling from a record year to the next year may be another big gain at the end of 2020. In this article, we summarize the most exciting models since 2020.

2020 electric bike innovation: health, environment, lasting smile-in your hands

What is interesting is what accessories have been developed around the ecological two-wheeler. Iwind stood out this week. This is a piece of equipment-you can see it at the beginning of the newsletter in the picture-it provides you with 99.9% pure air, allowing you to be filtered while driving. The inventor said, like the air in the forest. It gets better, because even the air can be preheated if needed! Now, there is really no reason to prefer cars to cars. Unless you have a Tesla Model 3 with a glass skylight. I really want to drive …

Otherwise, this week happened

Last but not least: Tesla fans and Playstation 5

Epic released a new Unreal Engine 5 with a technical demonstration on PlayStation 5 this week, and almost all of us at Netzwelt couldn't shut up. The graphics shown are blatant, and the abundance of realistic details are breathtaking. If you didn't notice it-you must have watched the video.

Unreal Engine 5 on PS5-The rich details are breathtaking.

Unreal Engine 5 on PS5-The rich details are breathtaking. [Source: YouTube Epic screenshot]

Given this realistic graphic, I can only hope that some people will see the difference between real and fictitious events on the console in the future. In any case, I do n’t want to explain to anyone why Cyber ​​Truck in GTA 6 has laser wipers despite all concerns, and this option is not listed in the Tesla Configurator. However, judging from the chaos of last weekend, I think that clearly mentioning the novel in some places will not cause harm. Note-now you can laugh. The fictitious Flachwitz appeared this week. Take care, dear people!

This week's joke

"A technical reporter caused an accident in his car and the result was some dents. Another driver left and said:

"You just need to blow into the exhaust vigorously, which will push the dents out again."
The driver continued to move forward, and our reporters believed that the attempt would not cause any harm. After a while. A Tesla driver asked what he was doing around the corner. Our editor said:
"The driver just tipped me and blew it into the exhaust to remove the dent."
Tesla drivers began to smile from the heart and said:
"You fool! If the skylight is open, it won't work …"

There are even more jokes on Netzwelt."

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