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Niantic has a juicy gift for Pokémon GO players




For a game like Pokémon GO, which invites players to take to the streets to play and enjoy their experience, the confinement situation caused by the Coronavirus in many countries it is something that leaves its mark. Niantic has plenty of events in store, including a new legend to bring to multiplayer raids, but now it's focusing on offering rewards and aids to those who want to keep playing their mobile title from home.

And part of that strategy to promote the game from home starts from offering facilities and rewards. In a post made through Instagram, the team has confirmed that it will activate new bonuses for all players, which will also be available until further notice. From now on, you can buy the weekly packages just by paying 1 PokéCurrency

, obtaining this week 100 Poké Balls. In addition to that, you can also open 30 gifts a day and store 20 gifts in the inventoryor.

Likewise, Niantic has tripled Stardust and XP from daily Pokémon GO Catch Bonuses. They are small initiatives that are added to others already carried out and that aim to entertain trainers as much as possible in Pokémon GO. Meanwhile, the recent Community Day has had to be canceled and players are still waiting to be able to take to the streets to continue capturing. Will any other mechanics be changed during this confinement so that you can continue to enjoy the game even indoors?

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▪ Release date: 07/06/2016


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