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Nightmare: Tested by us in 1998




In Nightmare: 1998 We face several opponents. On the one hand, we have zombies and their subspecies, on the other hand, we have all kinds of disgusting characters. The rest is the ambiguous picture, some people will like it, others hate it.

You will read everything else in our test.

Everything is ready

In a third-person horror game Nightmare: 1998 We experience history from different angles. At the beginning, we were caught in the skin of H.A.D.E.S. special forces, these types are absolutely unattractive. We will experience the entire first chapter of Agent Liev and explore a research station.

Something happened to the biological combatants, and almost everyone turned into zombies. Of course, like dumpling broth, we must send the mutated creature to the virtual Jordan River, but also to kill the homeless. In short, the character used is a jerk, and it is difficult to use this "hero" To identify.


In Chapter 2, a total of five parts are provided, and we jump into the role of Samuel Walker. This was for revenge because the H.A.D.E.S. forces brutally murdered his wife, which made Sam flattering-we wanted the agent to surrender. The third narrative perspective uses the "good" type of elite team Lavin.

Alternate play

Here, we are cracking the laptop.

Turns out to be Nightmare: 1998 As a classic remake Resident Evil 2 You can see it in the game. The game mix includes survival, horror and puzzle elements. The stories themselves are told through video sequences and different texts, and we can find them at various levels.

The game itself is very demanding, but no matter who it is, as long as you use flexible trigger fingers and sober brain cells to play the game, it will eventually be effortless. Just discover the subtle hints and implement them.

Gadget on arm

We spent a lot of time Nightmare: 1998 And our right arm, not as you think now, pigs! In the battle, H.A.D.E.S. The troops themselves and Sam will receive useful gadgets.

This thing is installed on the right forearm and is mainly used for inventory. There, we filled up weapon magazines, or combined different items to improve execution. We can also call health status, maps and different logs.

Launch trailer:

Nightmare: 1998 Can be found on PC as well as XBox One and PS4


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