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Nintendo Switch Online updates with four new NES and SNES games




Nintendo has announced that the games catalog of Super Nintendo and NES for subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online will expand next May 20th with four new games, thus increasing the number of classic titles of this service to 82 if we add what each of the applications offer us. Being a little more specific, among these new inclusions we find three new Super Nintendo games, including one that was never released outside of Japan.

The games

The first one is Operation Logic Bomb, a shooter from area perspective in which we will have to make way for a clean shot while dodging a multitude of projectiles and fighting against gigantic and powerful final bosses that will make things quite difficult for us. On the other hand we also have Wild Guns

, Natsume's classic in which we must shoot everything that moves in a peculiar version of the Wild West where there is no lack of gigantic robots to face.

Regarding the indito game in the West, it is Pon Panel, a hilarious puzzle-style title Tetris which served as the basis for titles as remembered as Pokmon Puzzle Challenge. Although we have said that it did not reach the West, this is a half truth, since we were able to enjoy it, although under the name of Tetris Attack

(although its gameplay has little to do with Tetris) and with characters from the Yoshi universe, since it was adapted to make it more attractive to the public of our territory.

Nintendo Switch Online updates with four new NES and SNES games Image 2

Finally, The last of the four games is the only one added to the NES catalog: Rygar. It is a platform adventure, action and exploration with light touches of role that was highly acclaimed in 1987 and is considered one of the great Tecmo classics for the console. As a curiosity, the titles to be included in the Japanese eShop are not the same: Super Punch-Out !!, Panel Pon, Rygar and Journey to Silius.


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