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Nintendo wants to cover the demand for Ring Fit Adventure in case there are delays in other releases




No one expected that Ring Fit Adventure became the ball that has turned out to be. Criticism accompanied, the expert recommendation it raised the attention, and the situation of these last months finished unbalancing the forecasts of Nintendo.

Now after many weeks Exhausted, with official units arriving at stores with droppers and with speculators selling game packs that go up to 400 euros, it seems that Nintendo begins to take control of the situation.

This is what its president assures, Shuntaro Furukawa, which taking advantage to alert about how telework can reduce efficiency of the teams until they are more accustomed, he wanted to refer to one of his latest successes.

"We are going to continue to manufacture Ring Fit Adventure and hope to be able to supply it to the market, even if gradually. We want to turn that potential demand into real demand and see how sales stabilize."

Being able to supply that demand not only means continuing to monetize that specific title, it is also part of the strategy for posible problems in the development of other releases.

As the president commented to his investors, the intention of Nintendo is to resort to promoting games that have not reached everything your sales potential to counter the impact of those delays.


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