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Nioh 2 exceeds one million copies sold and announces news in its update




Tecmo Koei has announced that the Souls role-playing and action game Nioh 2, released last March on PS4, has exceeded one million copies sold. To celebrate, update 1.09 has been released with a new free armor for all users. NiOh 2 also updated with new missions, general settings and photo mode, which allows you to calmly take snapshots of our favorite moments. The original, from 2017 for PS4 and PC, accumulates 3 million units sold.

"To begin with, today's update includes exciting new features, such as Photographic Mode. More than just a plug-in, this mode allows configure detailed aspects of the camera, such as image exposure, lighting and tone settingsIn addition to adding a variety of amazing filters, "the study says." On the other hand, we've introduced 9 new missions (side and sunset missions) as part of the upgrade. "

The expansions

Also, in the next few months a total of 3 lots of content of considerable size will arrive "so that you continue enjoying all the action that will keep more than one person on edge. There will be new stories, Yokai, tough bosses, guardian spirits, abilities, armor and weapons that will allow you to get even more out of your skills as samurai warriors. we will add new levels of difficulty and alternative endings to the main story

so you can keep playing and having a good time until well into the summer. "

The first of these expansions will be called The Tengu Disciple and Be Available from July 30.

Nioh 2 Image 1

Dark fantasy from the creators of Ninja Gaiden

"Nioh 2 gives just what it promises: ms Nioh"We tell you in our analysis." We are not going to deny that he has lost any trace of freshness or how much he abuses recycling elements from the first game, to the point of appearing more like an expansion than a real second part, but the reality is that we had a great time with him. After all, polishes and improves many of the edges of the original and offers us a considerably rounder experience, complete, intense, satisfying and balanced that has made us feel like authentic samuris while we overcome the thousand and one obstacles that have stood in our way. If you liked the original and you wanted more, you are in luck, because it is exactly what you will find here ".

You can know all the secrets of NiOh 2, side quests, kodamas, strategies against bosses and the resolution to other doubts in our complete guide. Team Ninja has not confirmed his next project, although the director has expressed his desire to recover the action saga. Ninja gaiden, paused for many years.


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