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No Man's Sky has mechs & living spaceships, developers want more




For some time now there have been mech runners in No Man's Sky. For some time now there have been mech runners in No Man's Sky.

The space exploration game No Man's Sky has already been updated twice with huge updates. First the big next update made the former disappointment a fan favorite, then Beyond even went one better last year. Since then, the game has been getting bigger and bigger will continue to be supplied with "ambitious updates" in 2020 become.

In the current blog entry, the Hellogames founder and creative mind behind No Man's Sky Sean Murray leaves open what exactly "ambitious" means. Finally, the game got some interesting additions.

No Man's Sky has now received these updates

The last major update was Beyond and was released on August 14, 2019. In particular, the multiplayer of No Man's Sky was significantly improved. Since then you can explore the galaxy with up to 31 players. Before that there were only three. Since then, it has also been possible to play No Man's Sky with VR glasses. Since then, four more exciting updates have appeared, which are somewhat smaller in comparison:

  • Synthesis: This made it possible to improve your own spaceship. So it can be upgraded and you don't always have to buy a completely new ship. In addition, the way you can adjust the terrain has changed.
  • ByteBeat: A slightly smaller but very entertaining update. This gave players the opportunity to compose their own pieces of music in the game.
  • Living ship: The new, living ships are unusual, but still exciting. These are spaceships made of organic material that are not built but hatched.
  • Exo Mech: Even more special vehicles, just this time for your exploration on land. Since this update, there are two-legged exploration robots that you can man. The disposal of jetpacks and also march easily through otherwise harmful zones.

Hellogames will continue to maintain this update frequency. Murray previously announced in a previous post that the long uneventful periods between the new content weren't particularly appealing to them. Another Beyond is not expected this year.


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