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Nokia 3.1 Plus: Android 10 is about to land in Germany




Android 10 coming soon to Nokia 3.1

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HMD Global has released Android 10 for Nokia 3.1 Plus. The update includes many popular features, such as dark mode, new privacy settings and smart reply functions.

Android 10 Q in the video

HMD Global updated another Nokia smartphone to Android 10. As the manufacturer announced on its website and Twitter, the update has now been released to Nokia 3.1 Plus. The update is constantly being rolled out, and users from 40 countries will receive the update in the first phase. Distribution here should be completed by May 18.

Unfortunately, the first wave did not consider German users, you need to be more patient. According to Nokia, the second wave will be released in the next few weeks. Until then, you can expect many new features, such as the long-awaited dark mode.

Android 10: These phones will be updated

In addition to the dark mode, the amplifier function is a new function. Once the headset is plugged into the smartphone, a variety of settings can be provided for the sound. Not only can the sound be amplified, but also annoying background noise can be filtered out. This also applies to dialogue.

Keep overview

Family Link gives you the opportunity to link your phone to your child ’s phone. You can use the control panel on your smartphone to specify which programs and games can be installed on children ’s phones. You can also set the period during which a single application can be used. You can also call application activities, and you can define what is displayed. With this feature, children are safer among us.

Android 10: Pie successor innovation at a glance "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy Go to the gallery

To ensure not only child safety, Android 10 also provides many setting options for applications to use your data. For example, you can specify for a single program that they can only be called once, whether to call the location only when in use, or whether to never call the location. If the application wants to use the location, you will receive a message and then you can decide.

Reply with smart reply

The smart reply function provides the possibility to quickly respond to messages with ready-made replies and responses. Android 10 also improves the gesture control of Nokia 3.1 Plus.

Android: How to update

After the update is provided in Germany, a notification will appear on the smartphone. If this is not the case, you can find instructions on installing Android updates manually here. We recommend downloading updates via WLAN.

You can get an overview of which Nokia phones are available for Android updates in the Nokia phone ’s Android update schedule.

Android update is available for …

The update for Android 10 is for Nokia 3.1 Plus.

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