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Now you can compete in teams in Mario Kart Tour multiplayer races




When it launched at the end of last year, Mario Kart Tour brought us the crazy races of the saga to our smartphones, but it was incomplete. Very important elements in the formula, like multiplayer, it took a long time to arrive

. Now we have another new function.

It's about team racing, which were already present in other games like Mario Kart 8. Now we can drive our karts side by side with other players, either by local connection or through the internet.

That is, if the races are eight participants, there can be a maximum of four teams of two players (also two teams of four players). This will make it easier to get to the podium and get the relevant prizes.

mario kart tour

In addition, ano ther of the additions that come with this update are codes for online rooms

. The typical system of always: we can create a multiplayer room and establish a password so that only those who know it enter. This will make it easier to organize games with friends and others.

Slowly, Mario Kart Tour it is being adjusted with the successive patches to offer a more complete experience. Now, the complaints of many users have also been directed to their monetization model, which is Free to Play with micropayments. For example, to unlock 200cc mode and other rewards you need to subscribe to the Golden Pass, which requires paying a monthly fee of 5.49 euros.


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