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Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account merger is a bit confusing



Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account merger is a bit confusing

Oculus Quest 2 users are having trouble merging their Oculus accounts to Facebook accounts, and they have nothing but expensive “book towns.”

According to various reports Oculus Quest 2 The owner who created the Facebook account for the first time encountered a problem with the verification system.

As reported by UploadVR, some new users were unable to obtain verification or suspended their accounts completely.

There are even some users who have deactivated their Facebook accounts because they tried to reactivate or merge their accounts with Oculus accounts, which will eventually be necessary.

Some verification methods include a copy of the user ID, or require the person to fill out a document so that someone on Facebook can verify their identity, which may seem old to some people.

A reddit user reported that even after sending a copy of the driver’s license, Facebook stated that they would not cancel the right to use the account, and the user had almost nothing except expensive doorstops. People who have problems with Facebook have multiple instances on Reddit.

Facebook responded to UploadVR request for comment, and this is what the company has to say:

Based on what we saw in the customer service report, people who have trouble logging in to the device will not lose access to purchased content.

If they are unable to log in to Quest 2 with their Facebook account, they may experience temporary problems accessing content, but once these login issues are resolved, they will be able to access its content.

Those users who already have Oculus accounts must merge them with Facebook accounts before January 1, 2023. After that, a Facebook account will have to be used.

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