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One Piece anticipates combat in Onigashima




Luffy in Wano
The latest One Piece chapters are uncovering many loose ends of the Wano Country arc. He has delved into the history of Gol D. Roger at the time that found the precious One Piece, while Orochi and Kaido seized power in Wano in the absence of Kozuki Oden. All this is directly connected to the end of the series, according to its creator, and it is becoming increasingly clear. Last week, the identity of Wano's traitor was revealed, but Chapter 975 anticipates a great match in Onigashima because the Straw Hat Pirates have just arrived.

Luffy, Kid and Law appeared at the last moment when the Red Pods seemed to have everything against them. Kanjuro has betrayed his companions by passing information to Orochi about the movements of his enemies. So the allies have not come to their aid against Kaido's vassals. However, Denjiro appears by surprise and reveals that he has 1200 soldiers next to him. The real Red Pod left an encrypted message to confuse the prompts

of the traitor. Kin’emon misread the code saying that the attack would be at the Tokage port, destroying the ships they did not need while the soldiers actually gathered at Habu Port. More than 4,000 soldiers are safe

The traitor is disappointed that he has not been able to stop the Red Pods and at the end of the chapter it is revealed that Kin’emon did not do it on purpose but read the message wrong. Luffy, Kid and Law board the first ships, which will be the prelude to an epic combat in Onigashima. One Piece will return next week, but it also has an official message against the coronavirus.

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