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One Piece anticipates Momonosuke's plan




In previous chapters, One Piece has taken a 180 degree turn when the true traitor of Wano was finally discovered. Kanjuro was infiltrated between the Red Pods and kidnapped Momonosuke with the intention of bringing him to Kaido. He is playing his last card, but has not had an important detail. He has been pretending to be an ally of Kozuki Oden for 20 years and the Kaido guards do not know that he is a spy. Therefore, if they see him, he will be attacked without a word. While Kanjuro thinks about how to get to Kaido, One Piece shows us a very subtle detail of Momonosuke that you may have overlooked: his escape plan.

Momonosuke is an apparently weak and crying boy. Kaido has used those arguments to get rid of him, but the young man's attitude has changed radically. When he was kidnapped by Kanjuro he promised he would fight, something that made Luffy very happy. Everyone witnessed how Kanjuro took the boy, but what they don't know is that Momonosuke now has an escape plan

. In the last chapter there is a scene where they cross a field full of dead guards. Meanwhile, Momonosuke sees a knife on the ground and has something in mind. An almost invaluable detail because below the story leads us directly to the Orochi and Kaido banquet. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

Momonosuke has an escape plan

One Piece leaves in the air what the young man is up to. Although it is fully tied, you may have managed to catch it and is already breaking its bonds. Furthermore, Kaido has revealed his son's name, but it won't be until later chapters when One Piece discovers his identity.

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