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One Piece anticipates punishment for Oden for devil fruit




One Piece anticipates punishment for Oden for devil fruit

In the last chapters of One Piece we have seen much of Kozuki Oden's past, in fact, it has been revealed that this character was responsible for making the great scar to Kaido, an invincible warrior who was surprised with Oden's special attack . This time, in chapter 969 we can see how Orochi takes control when Oden is not present, but when he tries to regain control, the enemy faces him with the punishment he has received for the fruit of the devil.

According to Comicbook, in this chapter Oden is shown in front of people as a dishonor, as he performs acts that embarrass him as a warrior, making him look bad in front of the spectators. To be more specific, Oden strips naked and starts danc ing in a crazy way after meeting Orochi, from here Oden lasted 5 years doing the same show every week to degrade in front of the public


One Piece anticipates punishment for Oden for devil fruit

After these events, Oden earned people's contempt, which made him a disappointment and not a hero. It has not yet been revealed why Oden did this for so long, but it seems that he did it with the intention of taking care of his Orochi family, maybe some kind of treaty he made with the enemy in order to protect their loved ones.

What do you think about this?

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