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One Piece reveals an important detail of Kaido




Despite the delays due to the coronavirus, One Piece is on time for its appointment this week. For a couple of chapters, the manga has anticipated a great battle at Onigashima, where Kaido Castle is located. There, they are celebrating the alliance with Big Mom's pirates, so the Red Pods already have a strategy to surprise them. 979 showed these plans, while Luffy has already infiltrated them without waiting for his nakamas. But there was still one more surprise, since the manga has name revealed Kaido's son.

During this banquet, the six flyers against Kaido, although it has been discovered that it has been King who has called them. So the leader of the Beast Pirates warned that he has a very important announcement to make that "Will wreak havoc"

. But first he has a mission for the six flyers: to bring «To the imbecile of my son Yamato»Kaido revealed. A couple of chapters ago, One Piece confirmed that the pirate has a son, but it has not been until now that he said his name for the first time. Who will it be? He also says that the announcement is about his son, so in the next chapters readers will be able to find out who he is.

Kaido reveals the name of his son Yamato

As a reward, Kaido promises that they will be able to challenge the headliners of a tournament that they are going to celebrate this day. To finish, it is seen that Luffy has arrived prematurely and is infiltrated among Kaido's allies in his same clothing. Remember that we will have to wait longer this time for the next chapter because the pace of production has slowed down considerably. The next chapter will be published on May 24.

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