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One Punch-Man artist reveals discarded design for Halloween




One Punch-Man fans continue no news from the third season. And everything seems to indicate that the coronavirus pandemic will also affect its production, as has already happened with other anime of the likes of One Piece or Pokémon. As the storm passes, artist Yusuke Murata has been sharing unpublished sketches of the series on their social networks. But there is one that has drawn attention especially because it is a Halloween-inspired illustration that was discarded.

It is strange to see Saitama and the other One Punch-Man characters in another situation far removed from the series. The anime has not had special chapters like other productions and follows its history with total normality (within its absurd humor). However, Murata has revealed in your Twitter profile

a very different image from what we are used to. In it you can see the characters of the manganime disguised as if they were celebrating Halloween with pumpkin pies included. Among them you can recognize Genos as Frankenstein, Tatsumaki dressed as a witch or Zombieman who does not need a costume. What Murata doesn't explain is why this design was never shared before. The artist has shown on other occasions that One Punch-Man has a very clever way of bypassing censorship, very much in keeping with his humor.

Would you have liked to see a One Punch-Man theme chapter? Last year Murata celebrated Halloween with a very different design of its characters, but where we could also see everyone dressed up for the occasion.

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