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One Punch Man cartoonist pits Tatsumaki against Psykos in intense sketch




If you're hooked on One Punch Man it's worth it follow Yusuke Murata on Twitter. As we have already commented on more than one occasion usually publishes sketches very often, some of them very revealing. He recently showed several sketches related to the upcoming manga that will go on sale. Sometimes we are animated and surprised by illustrations of other characters like Spider-Man. This is something you did a long time ago.

One of the last drawings that Yusuke Murata has shared has devastated Twitter, not only because of the number of comments, but also for receiving more than 15,000 likes. As you can see, Yusuke has confronted Tatsumaki with Psykos in a sketch that no waste. If you like you can always have the drawing as a wallpaper on your mobile and show that you are a true One Punch Man fan.

If you are an iOS or Android user, we remind you that you can download one punch man: road to hero. It is a fighting game free-to-play where you can relive the classic plot. The battles are turn-based and each hero has his own abilities. When fighting, you have to form a team and train the heroes.

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