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One Punch Man mangaka pays tribute to Capcom hero Mega Man




The artist Japanese Yusuke Murata, known for signing the manga One punch man, has created an illustration in homage to an iconic character from the world of videogames: Rockman or, as we know him in Western markets, Megaman.

The stories of One Punch Man were born on a webcmic created by One, pseudonym behind which the creator of other series like Angry Warriors and that he has collaborated on several occasions with Murata. When it comes to turning the world of One punch man

It was Murata who took the reins of the series, which has also had an adaptation to television.

The drawing represents a free interpretation of the character of Capcom where we see the famous hero of the Japanese company under the prism of mangaka. There is a certain influence of the style seen precisely in One punch man


Murata is not working, as far as there is evidence, on any project related to Capcom, but it is a renowned video game user and this seems to be his personal tribute to one of the emblems of the industry. In fact, the cartoonist himself explains that it is a "Megaman design I made a long time ago".

One Punch Man mangaka pays tribute to Mega Man, the h


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