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OnePlus 8 (Pro): Android 11 update has been released



OnePlus 8 (Pro): Android 11 update has been released
Android 11 for OnePlus 8 (Pro) has been released, and the update also includes the new OxygenOS 11 user interface. You can look forward to these innovations.

Just as the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus announced on the forum, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro updates

have been released. The software is several GB in size and should be downloaded using WiFi connection.

When an update is available, OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro will notify you. You can also follow our instructions for manually installing Android updates and let the device search for updates.

As always, OnePlus

continuously distributes updates. It may take days to weeks for all users to receive the update.

OxygenOS 11 features

OxygenOS 11 is based on Android 11 and provides some new features. For example, there is now an environmental display that can be automatically activated within a certain period of time. In addition to the current time, the new watch design can also display the consumption of mobile data.

There is a shortcut for dark mode. Swipe down from the top of the display to open quick settings. There you will find the dark mode switch.

Our Android update schedule for OnePlus smartphones will inform you when OxygenOS 11 will be launched for the remaining OnePlus devices.

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