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Outlander: Can Jamie save Claire in the season 5 finale? -Review episode 12




That happened in "Never Have You"

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The season 5 ending of "The Layman" reached episode 12 "Never Have You". In our review, you can find out whether Jamie can save Claire from the violence of Lionel and his men.

Outlander: Claire in her sixties

Outlander: Claire in the 1960s [Source: Starz]

Claire [Staraire] in the final of the season 5 of Starz's "The Layman", she imagined that she and Jamie, Mutag, Jocasta, Marsari, Fergu and Ian lives a happy life together. In doing so, she tried to distract from the fact that she was still under the control of Lionel and his men. They defeated Claire and wanted to take her to Brownsville, but also worried that Claire might have supernatural abilities.

In the evening, a person named Donner talks to Claire, whose history dates back to 1968. He entered the past with some Native Americans, including Otterzahn, whose real name is Robert Springer. Claire told him that Otterzahn was dead, and when he let go of Otterzahn, he would provide lightning gems and information about the location of the stone circle. Downer said they still have to wait, and Claire should show more fear of men, which is a common phenomenon among women today.

After Donner left Claire, Lionel and his nephew came to Claire and raped her. Thereafter, Lionel's other associates continued to rape her. Claire tries to get lost in her 60s fantasy, but she thinks that Brianna, Roger and Jemmy died in Thanksgiving in a car accident.

In fact, Brianna, Roger and Jemmy did not land in the 1960s after traveling through the stone circle. Her desire to go home only brought her back to the stone circle of the past, and Ian received her again. Now they decided to return to Fraser's ridge, where they found the burning cross that Jamie erected.

Roger joins Jamie's team and they look for Claire. When they found Lionel's soldiers, there was a fight. Jamie releases Claire. Because she is not sure which Lionel man hurt her, the man at Fraser's Ridge killed everyone. Only Lionel allowed them to live and took him to the ridge of Fraser.

Jamie is still in revenge, but Claire said she has experienced a lot of terrible experiences, but will not let her down. Marsari wanted to treat Lionel, but he threatened her and Fraser's ridge, so Marsari poisoned him with hemlock and killed him.

Jamie handed Lionel ’s body to his brother in Brownsville and explained what happened and what he needed to do. Lionel's brother can understand Jamie's move, but it also clearly shows that he will have to avenge his brother's death. Back home, Jamie and Claire are facing a revolution, so their future is uncertain.


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