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Overwatch finally adds an apology command (among others)




Overwatch "width =" 770 "height =" 433 "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-283760 "srcset =" Overwatch-OW-770x433.jpg 770w, 450w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/10 / Tracer-Overwatch-OW-768x432.jpg 768w, 390w "sizes =" (max-width: 770px) 100vw, 770px "/></p><p>Although Blizzard is focused on developing the Overwatch sequel, the original title is not being pushed aside. After receiving a new hero, the game team has already presented a <strong>new developer update</strong> from the hands of Jeff Kaplan, creative director of Overwatch, where the game community has been informed about the news that is about to reach the title in the <strong>update 1.48</strong>, which is already available on the Test Server.</p><p>The first new feature of Overwatch version 1.48 is the <strong>increase in communication capacity through normal game chat</strong>, which replaces the voice chat of the players with the voices of each of the 32 heroes. In this way, to the already known phrases, the players will be able to access the <strong>Stop, Back, No, Sorry, Defending, Attacking and Forward commands</strong>. In addition, it will also be possible to make a countdown from 3 to 1. These new actions can be assigned to a button on the PC keyboard or to the buttons on the console command with which it is played, as shown <a href=Kotaku.

Overwatch improves its matchamking system

On the other hand, Overwatch version 1.48 will also improve its matchmaking system through the queues to play games. Currently, when a player goes offline and the game is closed, players return to the game menu. After the update, if a player disconnects and the game is closed, the rest of the players will return to the waiting queue so they don't have to wait much longer.

Finally, the Developer Update has mentioned that the console version of Overwatch, which is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, will show the latest updates in the game patch without opening the internet browser, a feature that will also save players time. That said, it should be noted that there is no news when version 1.48 will be available, although as previously mentioned, the Test Server already allows testing the new chat commands.

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▪ Release date: 05/24/2016


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