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Panzer Paladin shows off his intense retro action in this gameplay trailer




The retro-style action game Panzer Paladin prepares to come this year to PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch console in digital distribution through the eShop. To celebrate, we are introduced to the game in action in a trailer focused on its gameplay.

The game pits us against the sinister Ravenous and his battle-ready demon army – none of the world's armies have been able to stop them, but now humanity prepares to face its last resort

. This is the Paladin Armor, the latest technological advance developed in the hope of dealing with this threat.

The one who wears the armor is none other than Flame, an android determined to defend humanity and confront all the demon guardians of arms and their leader. This is how the final confrontation begins between the most advanced human technology and the hidden forces of hell.

The title bets on intense action with an aesthetic inspired by the world of 8 bits. The player can use all kinds of attacks to make enemies sick, but without a doubt his skill with the sword is the essential key to get sick from the hordes of demons that will come out at every step.


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