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Paper Mario: "King of Origami" announced to be released in July, Nintendo Switch




Nintendo Switch has just announced a new Paper Mario game called Paper Mario: Origami King, which will be launched in July this year.

In an absolutely unexpected announcement, Nintendo confirmed the new Paper Mario game, Paper Mario: Origami King, scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. You can check the official trailer below, which contains all the foldable things you will get from the Paper Mario game. It also plays a role, presumably the origami king of the same name, refolding himself into a grumpy expression, it is clear that he is a bad guy.

"Mario on paper: The Origami King is full of comedy journeys, full of puzzles, strategic ring-based battles, weird characters and unique visual effects," the game's official press release said.

The press release also confirmed that people who bought the game early can pre-install it starting today.

Mario Paper: King of Origami

As far as the plot is concerned, this is what we need to do so far (according to the press release):

"King Oli, who claims to be the ruler of the Origami Kingdom, seems to be planning a tortuous conspiracy to release his plan to fold the entire world."

"In" Paper Mario: The Origami King ", Mario faces one of his most exciting challenges to date. Just when things don't get worse, King Ollie tied Princess Peach's castle to On a huge colored streamer and transported it to a distant mountain. He even turned Bowser ’s servant into a "broken soldier" and recruited him into his rebellious cause. "

Mario Paper: King of Origami

With the release of Mario on Paper: The King of Origami, Nintendo seems to be able to respond to the cancellation of E3 just like the cancellation of Square Enix. Square Enix focuses on personal game display rather than a large display cabinet.

Paper Mario: Origami King will be launched for Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. If you are keen on this, you can pre-load through Nintendo Switch eShop.

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