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Paper Mario The Origami King looks surprised by this t in a color trailer




While all the attention of the little video game plant revolved only around the technical demos of the new generation consoles and their palanque of triangles, Nintendo reminds in the space of a video that it will always be necessary to rely on the Switch in 2020.

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Rumors evoked him at the beginning of this year: the series of platforms / RPG Paper Mario is back, with The Origami King, a new episode which is announced without warning via a first trailer. After the splashing Color Splash, the series started in 2000 with the eponymous album remains true to its traditions, since a new gimmick will come to dress this adventure, where our hero will face all new enemies. Writing always in tune seems to benefit once again from a quality location.

Alongside Olivia, Mario will face King Olly, who obviously kidnapped Princess Peach, transformed into origami, like many of the iconic enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom. The former plumber will be able to count on a new skill: that of Bras Mutli-plis

, which we can briefly see in this first trailer.

The dynamic combat system will also benefit from many new features, since a short demonstration (also available in our reader above) allows us to discover a wheel system that is strategically aligned to maximize the damage inflicted on poor Goombas. If the theater scene seems to be abandoned, the Toads present in the audience will guide the player by providing some advice, as this first example shows, while the use of an ice flower seems appropriate.

Paper Mario: will the Origami King prove to be the height of the cult episode of The Millennium Gate? Answer as of July 17, 2020, on Switch, of course.

What do you think of this first trailer? What is your favorite episode? Bend over backwards to give us your hilarious comments!


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