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Paradise Lost brings its Nazi post apocalypse to PS5 and Xbox Series X




The public still has many questions about the new generation, but development studies are already pouncing on it. The study PolyAmorous Games It is very clear that his next game will belong to the new consoles, and is that he has already announced that his new creation, Paradise Lost, coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to PC. A game that will take us to an alternative reality, focused on World War II.

What would have happened if the conflict with the Nazis had never ended? That question, which Wolfenstein has already tried from an ultraviolent perspective, is the one asked by the title developed by PolyAmorous and Posted by All in! Games. In it, the Nazis have massacred the entire world with nuclear bombs, turning the entire territory into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Focused on Poland, This story will introduce us to the skin of a 12 year old who discovers a Nazi bunker and tries to reveal its secrets, and the history behind it.

A different adventure that promises an argument that evolves based on the player's decisions, a powerful narrative at the center of everything and a ton of mysteries with a certain historical and even mythological touch. Paradise Lost directly embarks on the new generation this year, and is that it has a release date scheduled for the third quarter of 2020, that is, for the window between July and September 2020.

Will it meet the date to be able to reach next-gen consoles? Something tells us that we will have to wait at least a couple of months more to see this game working on the PS5 and XSX hardware. It will be the PC version that arrives before, unless it has some kind of delay ahead of its release. For now, you can read more about it on your official website


Paradise Lost looks at the new generation with Unreal Engine 4

For development reasons, and due to release times and the advancement of technology, Paradise Lost will be a new generation title developed with Unreal Engine 4. With the Unreal Engine 5 already presented, and some confirmed game to use that engine, it is to be expected that, with the passage of time, we will see more projects that make the leap to this technology to take advantage of the great benefits that this tool promises. However, that will be something we see after 2021.

Epic Games has already confirmed that, at the earliest, We'll start looking a little more in depth at UE5 in the middle of next year, Fortnite being its main workhorse.. Thanks to the possibility of updating the games in UE4 to the new engine, many developers will have the possibility of making the leap in the least painful way possible, which will allow them to take better advantage of the hardware of the new generation. That puts cases like the PolyAmorous Games title in a somewhat complicated situation. ** Expecting to release this year, hopefully it will squeeze the most out of the UE4 **, but that it cannot take full advantage of the new consoles for not being able to make that version jump.


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