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Phil Spencer will surprise today … about Xbox Series X?




Reggie-Fils Aimé and Harold Goldberg, former head of Nintendo America and author of All Your Base Are Belong to Us respectively, have a podcast called ** Talking Games With Reggie and Harold ** focused on video games. It would be just a curious detail if it were not for the guest they have today. Phil Spencer will join the talk of these two industry figures, and promises to bring a surprise interesting to all Xbox fans.

It was Harold Goldberg who confirmed it on Twitter. With a simple message, he underlines that he is coming to the program for a good cause, and also that “Phil has a ‘surprise' for all fans”. What it will consist of or what it will be is a mystery, but, knowing the approach that Microsoft is taking to the marketing of Xbox Series X, everything indicates that it will say something related to the new console. Perhaps the date of the new announcement to be made in June?

With the Xbox 20/20 program in between, the Redmond company wants to make new generation announcements on a monthly basis

until the start of it. We know that there is an appointment in July to show first party games, but before there is another inescapable in June whose content is unknown. Recent rumors speak that it would be a presentation focused on teaching Xbox Series X up close and giving more information about it. Thus, the presence of Spencer in today's podcast could be accompanied by the date on which the presentation would be made.

We will have to wait for it to be issued to confirm what that surprise is about. Will it kick off and reveal something totally unexpected?


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